The CareVue Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Plan

Demonstrating the strength of the open-source model, Medsphere worked closely with clinicians from Silver Hill Hospital, a customer partner, to produce the first built-from-the-ground-up innovation of the CareVue EHR specifically for psychiatric hospitals. The CareVue Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Plan (MDTP) coordinates mental health care across members of the care team and supports patient progress management, eliminating the need to scour and cross-reference a library of paper records. The new MDTP module enables better, more integrated, patient care through improved access to patient information from a variety of sources.

For individual members of the treatment team, MDTP provides an immediate high-level account of the most pressing and relevant patient care issues. The MDTP module fits seamlessly into clinical workflows and enables clinicians and other care team members to plan, coordinate, and document individual components of the care plan and track progress toward overarching goals; MDTP also uses plan update prompts and notifications to support treatment team compliance with regulatory requirements. These and other enhancements will be available to all Medsphere’s psychiatric hospital customers as a standard CareVue module.

CareVue MDTP Features Supporting Mental Health

  • Maximize care team flexibility in coordinating patient care
  • Create a new patient-specific plan
  • Evaluate the care plan and add significant new diagnoses
  • Add one or more diagnoses to the patient-specific plan
  • Associate problems, discharge goals, objectives, and/or interventions with each diagnosis
  • Associate one or more interventions with one or more problems
  • Pull information from site-specified MDTP templates into the patient-specific plan
  • Filter template information
  • Pull information from a previous plan into the current patient-specific plan
  • Create new items—diagnoses, problems, discharge goals, objectives, and interventions—for the current plan
  • Complete the comprehensive MDTP
  • Define plan frequency
  • Define MDTP team members
  • Update the comprehensive MDTP
  • Sign a patient plan