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Government Services Division (GSD)

Medsphere Government Services

Medsphere GSD Services

Comprehensive VistA Support

The diverse, experienced Medsphere GSD team delivers the appropriate solution for clearly defined client needs. Medsphere GSD has worked with dozens of client technical and clinical teams in delivery, testing, deployment and support of VistA and VistA-based interfaces and applications. Medsphere GSD's expertise is the product of hundreds of work orders professionally fulfilled through relationships with the Veterans Health Administration and Indian Health Service.


Federal Clients

Indian Health Service

Medsphere GSD develops and supports the federal Indian Health Service’s Resource and Patient Management System (IHS RPMS). As the primary healthcare provider for American Indians and Alaska Natives, IHS serves roughly 1.5 million members of 557 federally-recognized tribes through 400 clinics and hospitals in 35 states.

Through ongoing development (MUMPS, Delphi, C#, Java, etc.), interfacing, QA, maintenance and support contracts, Medsphere GSD has gained valuable expertise and developed mutually respectful relationships with IHS leadership, IT staff, clinical practitioners and contractors.

Department of Veterans Affairs

Medsphere GSD's established partnership with the Veterans Administration (VA) includes VistA projects focused on Meaningful Use, system evolution, immunization, interfacing third-party applications, ICD-10 validation testing and decision support.

Our extensive experience includes work with multiple VA and contractor technical and clinical teams on delivery, testing, deployment and support for VA VistA. Medsphere also partners with other commercial VistA companies to enhance the VA platform through the Open Source Electronic Health Record Alliance (OSEHRA).