Richard Barrett

Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Investor

Richard Barrett’s professional work has taken him from the mini-computer to the cloud, from studying machine language at Stanford to putting those same 0’s and 1’s to work as IT business opportunities. Richard’s primary vocation has been the global leasing and financing of computing and data storage equipment through Leasetec Corporation (now Key Leasing) and Union Leasing Corp. After selling Leasetec, he formed Saxum Company to invest in a diverse portfolio of businesses, including hotels, sports apparel, women’s sleepwear and electronic medical records software, all of which have presented unique and interesting characteristics and challenges. Richard has been board chairman at ChartLogic since 1998 and has served on the Mills College (Oakland, CA) board of trustees since 2007. Established in 1987, the Barrett Foundation supports the humane treatment of domesticated animals and the preservation of wildlife, recycling and waste management programs, and internship programs that give college students practical experience in conjunction with their studies. Richard has an MBA from Stanford University.